To Activision Blizzard Leadership

We, of Raven Quality Assurance, are reaching out today to announce the formation of our Union, the Game Workers Alliance, and request official voluntary recognition to join CODE-CWA / Communications Workers of America. With leadership’s constant reiteration of investment in the best interests of the employee-base, we offer the opportunity to demonstrate this now by willingly acknowledging the Union composed of those same workers.

Following the layoffs that began on December 3, 2021, it has become apparent that the current working conditions have become untenable. These firings came after eight months of assurances that restructuring and increased wages were being negotiated. All of the twelve employees were top performers, all of whom were crucial to the ongoing health of our title, Call of Duty: Warzone – which generates over five million dollars in revenue per day. This event is but one instance of the company breaking the trust it has requested of us–and is only one contributing factor that has led us to organizing.

This list is not all-encompassing, but a sampling of the many other reasons we have decided to move forward with Unionization:

  • Due to a lack of project resources, workers are forced into Crunch conditions regularly with little ability to push back. This has led to various physical and mental health declines.
  • Lack of income parity, in juxtaposition to other QA teams and titles/responsibilities. Additional duties and expectations merit appropriate compensation and role adjustments.
  • Many Raven workers were expected to relocate for the position, without a predetermined timeline, and without company assistance. Relocation Assistance was only offered post-termination.
  • The continued cultural and ethical conflicts currently circulating the company as a whole.

With a Super-Majority of Raven Quality Assurance invested in our organizing efforts, we have found it to be in our own best interests to push forward with unionization. It has become evident that equity will never be achieved without collective bargaining power. The company chose to release twelve integral employees while pointedly discarding critical advisement from Raven’s departmental leadership.  

In this time of upheaval, we ask our executives to look towards our tenets, and hear our voices now as we request voluntary recognition of our Union, and willing cooperation with the Game Workers Alliance as we pursue a better Activision-Blizzard-King.

We expect to hear from you within the next five days with your reply. If we have not heard back from leadership by end of day January 25th, we will be filing for an election with the NLRB. However, we would prefer to allow the company the opportunity to willingly engage with us as we proceed. If you agree to voluntary recognition in principle before our deadline, we are happy to coordinate a third-party card check verification of our super majority support in order to finalize a voluntary recognition agreement.